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Meet Collin Ruiz: Nutritional Counselor


Welcome to Holistic Nutrition, LLC.  A nutritional counseling service founded  by the nutritionist Collin Ruiz MS. and located in northern Colorado.  Collin  offers unique, personalized, nutritional counseling services either in person or  via Skype/Zoom or by phone.

 Collin has the expertise to customize a nutrition plan that works specifically for  you.  With a Masters degree in Human Nutrition and by means of muscle  testing Collin will be able to tell you exactly what foods, herbs and  supplements will serve you best.

 As a nutritionist Collin understands that there is no universal approach that  works for everyone.  Listening to your unique circumstances Collin will guide  you to improve your medical conditions, increase your energy, advance your sports performance, or just make that pesky stomach ache go away.  


If you have questions or need more information Contact Collin! 

 Introducing Collin Ruiz


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