Success Stories
"I recommend Collin!"

"Collin is wonderful. She is highly intuitive as well as very well versed in the science of nutrition. That is a very powerful combination. I would recommend her without hesitation." 

Susan Larson,  Colorado

Success Stories
"I LOVE traveling with my AWE Nuts!"

"Collin Ruiz, I LOVE my customized, homemade seed/nut mixture!! Must stop myself from eating the whole bag at once. Friends, if you want a body/mind/spirit healthy snack that is catered to YOUR physical needs, see Collin! It's amazing what applied kinesiology can help answer for ourselves. Get what nutrients you are personally missing! I love traveling with it " 

Traci Stickler,  California

Success Stories
"Collin Ruiz is amazing!"

"Thank you Collin Ruiz for your amazing nutritional knowledge and guidance. You have a wonderful gift to share!" 

Vickie Williams Martina,  Colorado