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Nutrition Counseling

Initial Analysis and consultation (11/2 to 2 hours): We will review your medical history, discuss your nutritional goals, and a balanced diet plan will be created.  This plan will include prioritizing your unique nutrient needs and give you food options to meet those needs as well as assessing if supplements or herbs would be a good fit.


In Home & Family Services (1 initial consult + hourly rate for additional family members):   We can look at the family as a whole.  This is very beneficial when one member of the family has a nutritional restriction ie, gluten-free, how can the rest of the family support this gluten-free lifestyle and enjoy the new foods.  How to improve the health of the whole family with changes everybody can live with.


Store Walk-Through (hourly rate): Have you ever wished you had a professional right there in the store with you?  It's so easy to be stuck in a rut when it comes to eating and shopping.  Let’s shop together!  I can muscle test you inconspicuously in the aisle — to determine what foods and supplements are right for you as well as give you new ideas for healthy choices.  What type and brand of protein powder will best serve you, which brand, potency and amount of a supplement your body requires?  The walk-through is personalized according to your dietary restrictions, preferences and lifestyle. 


Follow-up counseling (30-60 minutes at the hourly rate): Follow-up visits are utilized to assess progress and to provide support for the new “normal”.  Additional meal planning and recipe ideas are discussed to sustain your nutritional objective.  The follow-up can be over the phone, in a store, or at your home.


Wellness Workshops: Contact us to add a nutritional learning experience in any mind/body workshop.  If you own a small business or fitness studio you may be interested in improving employee health and nutritional knowledge with a workshop on "healthy breakfasts for improved energy".  You may also like to discuss potential topics for special nutrition workshops, juicing, soaking/sprouting nuts and seeds to make your own snacks.

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