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Gluten free Teff


Basic Cooking Directions for Teff

4 cups water

1 2/3 cups Teff

Pinch of salt

 Bring water and salt to boil in large pot.  Add teff, reduce heat to low, cover, and let simmer 20-30 minutes until all liquid had been absorbed.




Teff for Breakfast

1 cup cooked Teff

¼ cup Apple Juice

1 pint fresh Blackberries

6 fresh Sage leaves, finely chopped

Fresh-grated Cinnamon

Agave to sweeten if necessary


In a small saucepan, combine juice, berries, sage, and cinnamon.  Simmer over med-low heat until berries burst and mixture thickens a little.  Stir in teff until well combined, simmer until heated through; serve hot with additional fresh berries.  Add more juice or rice milk to thin mixture to desired consistency.




 Teff for Lunch 

1 cup cooked Teff          

Leftover Veggies

Salad Greens

Herb Vinaigrette


Form leftover teff into 4 patties.  Heat 2 Tablespoons oil in a skillet and cook teff patties until golden and crispy and both sides, about 5-7 minutes per side.  Put salad greens in a bowl, top with leftover veggies and teff patties.  Drizzle with herb vinaigrette.


Herb Vinaigrette

¼ Oil (grape seed, olive, or avocado oils work nicely)

2 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar

2 Tablespoon fresh-chopped Parsley

1 Tablespoon fresh-chopped Thyme

1 Tablespoon fresh-chopped Rosemary

1 Tablespoon fresh-chopped Marjoram

1 Tablespoon fresh-chopped Chives

Juice and zest of 1 Lemon

Pinch of salt and pepper to taste

 In a Mason jar or bowl, mix all ingredients and pour over salads.


Teff for Dinner 

1 cup cooked Teff          

1 Zucchini

1 Eggplant

1 Yellow Squash

3-4 Mini, Sweet Pepper of varied colors

1 Leek

¼ cup Fresh-chopped Parsley

2 Tablespoon Fresh-chopped Thyme

2 Tablespoons Fresh-chopped Basil

1 Tablespoon Fresh-chopped Marjoram

Balsamic Reduction


Slice zucchini, squash, and eggplant to ¼-1/2 inch thickness.  Cut tops off peppers, slice in half lengthwise, and deseed.  Cut leek in half and slice to ½-inch thickness.  Toss veggies with oil to coat, lay flat on baking sheet and roast under the broiler until tender and slightly charred.  Toss cooked veggies with fresh herbs, layer veggies around and on top of Teff, drizzle with balsamic reduction.


Balsamic Reduction

½ cup Balsamic Vinegar

1 sprig fresh Thyme


In small pan, simmer vinegar and thyme until reduced and thickened.  Drizzle over Veggie and Teff stack. 

When cooking vinegars, do not inhale directly over pan….aromas can be strong and hurt the eyes and throat.

From  SeraAngl’s Kitchen Witchery